Self Defense Classes Etobicoke


We love that it can be carries as either a key chain accessory or on the included belt clip. I also tried the only jiu jitsu dummy on the market at the time… but the limbs on that one just “flopped” to the floor. If you have any questions, schedule your initial consultation and when we meet we can sit down and go over all of them in detail. The panel also recommended acquiring f-35b jets, which can take off and land vertically, making them suitable for shorter-deck carriers such as the izumo and small islands without full-length runways. But, you are saying that. Don’t forget to check the caliber. The simple answer is: they were made to hop. The 9mm round has come and gone in and out of popularity in the le industry over the years, and is popular again with +p+, and the like.   don’t take a chance on exclusion.

self defense classes etobicoke
self defense classes etobicoke

Your client's testimony should be a complete story or her entire life. Pursuant to the authority of the oklahoma self-defense act until. Finally, if you are looking for that number one reason as to why brazilian jiu jitsu is vital for self defense, it’s this:  most fights start when egos get involved. Some differences of emphasis on health or self-defence by the two styles; i.  the knee kick is quite versatile when confined in close quarters. The burden is upon the defendant to give notice of any defense based upon mental condition, without a triggering request from the state. 32 self-defence often becomes an issue in trials of battered defendants who.

self defense classes etobicoke
self defense classes etobicoke

He was prosecuted (though he supplied them on prescription, which was later found to be forged), because actus reus was voluntary. If you are considering group taekwondo, karate or kickboxing classes, why not discover the power of learning explosive, effective martial arts in one-on-one private lessons. What i wear is an integral component of my edc. Not enough of von willebrand factor are produced. If you are charged with burglary or any other crime, you should talk to an experienced local criminal defense attorney. “however beautiful the strategy, one should occasionally look at the results. A self-defense adaptation of la canne developed by swiss master-at-arms pierre vigny in the early 1900s has been revived as part of the curriculum of bartitsu. Your tactic in defense against ax should be avoiding blows and, when opportunity presents itself, take control over assailant’s armed hand and wrestle the ax out from him.

self defense classes etobicoke
self defense classes etobicoke

Give the 'actors' real weapons with real ammo, strap a critter cam on their helmets and drop them into the helmand province in afghanistan. The first is marketed for personal defense. Yes any sort of killing would be. Use caution in making new “friends”. Learn the simple instructions to make a homemade stun grenade. In addition to gichin funakoshi and his third son, yoshitaka funakoshi, famous shotokan karate practitioners include yoshizo machida, a master in the discipline and the father of ufc fighter lyoto machida.

self defense classes etobicoke
self defense classes etobicoke

Get to a gun store and get your hands on numerous models and if possible, rent or try these models on the range. We haven’t unlocked this ourselves yet, but based on descriptions it seems that this item is similar to the secrets of defense. To article six, eight or forty-eight-a of the vehicle and traffic law. Do you know more about this story. It would be more difficult to concealed carry when wearing apparel suited for warm weather. At emerge we teach men to evaluate their behaviours honestly and to interact with others using empathy and respect. I was aiming at the top of the target and it was hitting down towards the bottom which by my calculations means a shooter would have to aim about 4-5 inches above where they want to hit. Subsonic ammunition is a bit less accurate at longer distances.

Daniel berco, one of the instructors who led the class, summarized the importance of aggression:. E=mass x velocity (2)squared. Walker chose koma for its encouraging culture and challenging work outs that help her maintain a healthy and active lifestyle through martial arts training. We come from all walks of life and live. Block, and hold special stances. Improves your mental state – as you become more immune to physical hardships and mental stress you will adopt a more disciplined lifestyle.

I grabbed a box of corbon. 012, florida statutes, a person is justified in the use of non-deadly force in self-defense where the person reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to defend himself or herself or another against such other’s imminent use of unlawful force. Students from across the north austin area come to our academy for their martial arts training. Investigators are also looking into what a neighbor called a "suspicious silver hyundai" that was parked across the street from the home for three days. Many thanks from gunsite sa admin for this continbution. Ground, the aircrewman has increased the attacker's momentum and redirected. Under the old law, the offense was a class d felony. But working on their fitness… not so much. Fact checkers who hate facts. The twinkie defense attempted to illustrate white's depression by the manifestation of its symptoms.

These crimes include murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault.  the prosecution must also show that when the alleged entered the building, he or she intended to commit a specified offense. “eiou self-defence key chain aluminum anti-wolf defense keychain, ladies’s aviation rings- 5 pack”.  this isn’t your normal self-defense school. He's got a bat, glove and ball in his car.

Most states) your property is not a crime. When hiking with a hiking pole or walking stick the stress connected with descending or ascending trails on rough terrain can be reduced on the knees and ankles. Morgan meritt of del city, oklahoma, joins other members of the oklahoma open carry association (okoca) wearing unconcealed sidearms as they gather at beverly's pancake house in oklahoma city, november 1, 2012. Law of war manual is essentially a guidebook for violating international and domestic law and committing war crimes. This is not martial arts. Attorneys can subpoena school records you might otherwise not have access to, and take depositions (recorded, sworn statements) of teachers, administrators, witnesses, and the student who started the fight. First it takes 15 in-game minutes i believe.

Depends on the person and situation. On top of self-defense, your child will learn vital traits that. If you don’t believe me, watch a cowboy-action shooter sometime. Live by the sword die by the sword" as a battlecry to not defend. Learn, memorize and always practice the golden rules of firearm safety. So, for example, we are told that the patriarchycauses male rape.   (i) be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not less than 5 years;. Police say an estimated 40 percent of homicides are related to teen street crews like stack money goonz and the twan family. 38 special and today it's quite superior. In those situations, knowing how to quickly and effectively hurt/distract assailants long enough to get away is best, and for that striking will be necessary.

  that’s a solid 5 out of 5 there. For self-defense purposes, a large permanent cavity with big holes enables more bleeding for quicker incapacitation. Sized groups to be considered highly accurate. My preference for equipping a b.   come try a class for free.

Taurus when he fired the last shot. Give ear, o lord, to. Most that we have encountered are due to self perpetuating loops. When does a person that feels threatened think rationally. Awesome power, and without fail.

Here is the bottom line: shedding blood, taking the life of another, is a big deal. Village or incorporated town, except when an invitee thereon or. If a court of law finds the self-defense was justifiable, the person will be found not guilty and all charges will be dropped. Speak to the bear in a loud low voice saying things like “whoa bear – you’d better back off”. But unless you have an equally good working knowledge of the law surrounding a citizen's use of deadly force, you are not well armed. Was there no better way to deal with the situation. Don’t wait until you need psychic self-defense to begin to develop a plan of action. Zod had already been imprisoned to be rehabilitated. We want to believe in the basic trustworthiness of our institutions and our leaders.

On a subtle level, we allow the energetic cord of light that connects us to the other person, and which carries emotional messages back and forth, to become attached or embedded into our own energy field, or aura. Empathy is the forerunner of compassion, and therefore a potentially very positive experience. Both excuse defenses and justification defenses can result in acquittals or reduced sentences, but they communicate very different judgments about the acts of the defendants. The groin of his enemy and continues to pull on the enemy's arms. It has a hardened arms upper with a daniel defense bcg, magpul furniture, american tactical lower and a cmmg lower parts kits.

Therefore, you must take care to select a load that works well in short barrels if carrying a short-barrel pistol. Many of them might have never played any kind of sport in their life. A ring, perhaps and as to the quality of the object, it would be very old and have significance only to those privy to having seen it and its known history. You use violence to defend yourself. I do agree with those who say that 5 shots is the scary minimum. Guns everybody else shoots; just make sure you know what you’re getting into when you operate any.

“i think we have to have conversations like we have. The capacity to consider the possible consequences of their actions. So the bird is caged, over many months in increasingly confining cages. Easily lose weight but the reason is because i'm in the habit of consuming more. Hps, as a bonus, have a lower, but still real, ricochet factor. You’re usually so confident and easy about such things.

Self Defense Classes Etobicoke

But he also has identified a definite need for the training and has found great satisfaction in it. During this period the idf utilized female instructors for training male soldiers in certain roles, particularly tank crews.   you can see one fairly often up in an aspen tree in places i like to frequent, like the forests of northern michigan (albeit not frequently enough). Since you are dealing with self defense issues, you'll need to be aware that things can escalate and you'll be considered as someone they can take to jail if you aren't bright enough to know what to say or not say. They were also somewhat geared towards restricting the use. Other types of assault: the assault crimes detailed above are some of the more common assault charges. 30,self defense law in new york is a defense. The borrower can only exercise the right to cure once during any three-year period.

Tai-chi-chuan is the self defense system, now used as an exercise system, developed about 800 years ago by chang, san-feng. Here is the money point: assume you will only get one shot at the perp. Also practice a bit using it. Next, we have another item from sabre – a personal key ring alarm. I would strongly recommend it as a martial art. I know of a shooting in anchorage where a 55 grain tap round nearly severed a mans arm but it was. The founders' belief in the social value (and sacred personal right) of bearing arms derived from the english philosophers algernon sidney and john locke and the legal commentator william blackstone. Beside that he had written:. For the most part this is not difficult, but as an instructor, you need to occasionally have these talks with your students.

  unlike the 1872 article on chinese boxing, this text is not totally anonymous. Those who face civil liability stand to lose their money. Is that enough to put someone in jeopardy of an attack. Keep non-lethal self-defense weapons in your home. Putting that in plain english, it gives you a way to. Undue influence is similar to the affirmative defense of duress discussed above and, in effect, asserts that the defendant was forced into the contract by the plaintiff.

He liked, at once, what he saw. Literally thousands of police departments carry and use pepper spray. Be honest and kind to your friend in all that you promise him. " meaning that the more positive the outcome, the more willing you are to try again to achieve the same if not better results. Don’t be tempted to upsize either.

The stun guns should be stored in dry and cool place. Little falls, minnesota, detectives will appear, along with bill anderson, a friend and neighbor of byron david smith. You can find my full review of that book here.   i’ve watched him learn to be an “uke” (person who lets you practice the moves on them) and start leading the class in exercises. The evidence he intends to offer in furtherance of his defense regarding what. Multi-stage self-defense – protecting yourself in parking lots, cars and scary places. House is regular dry wall, next house is maybe 100 ft and should i be shooting an intruder, i'd be firing down into the living room and the house is down a slope, thus mostly an over penetrate would hit dirt. Had he researched the law, he would have known that the term “employers,” as used in the massachusetts’ law that reads “an employer shall not take retaliatory action against an employe.

So, i just want to encourage all the ladies out – there whatever your age, come to front sight, get yourself trained, and learn to defend yourself. We’re open 7 days a week and offer both daytime and evening classes. But he should stop trying to convince intelligent, grown adults, that he knows what he's talking about with regards to surviving a violent attack if he doesn't. Click now to learn more and enroll your child today. Overall still a great purchase but its a super cheap case. The biggest difference, and why it matters, is that without syg you must prove that you were unable to retreat to assert your self defense claim, which can be difficult or impossible.

If you take the analysis literally, it encourages people not to carry, since it shows that they are at little risk outside the home, which is bs. While the police may use one type of tactical knife, a naval officer may use another. The fight between the two men broke the dining room table and chairs but, as they tussled, miss brown produced her pink gun from her bedside table. Difficult sex offender treatment program which can call for subjects to. From ages 4 to adult we have the perfect class, camp, or care option for you. If pick the right course. Not limited to the topic of women's self-defense,  it is endemic to the.

If you can, visit the nearest firing range to get a firsthand experience on how the guns shoot before buying one. They may let others treat them poorly. It’s nice to see the world’s most populous democratic republic taking some baby steps towards allowing her people to defend themselves. My point, i guess, is that "self-defense" is relative and i. Dan burwell recently won division champion in cdp at the 2013 idpa s&w indoor nationals. “self-defense would help protect their own rights in case they are aggressed by someone who is close to them, or when they are walking in the street or in a nightclub,” says noura khaled, a coordinator at kafa’s support center. So, krav maga, to make it most effective, builds on our natural instincts. But that's not how the world -- or violence --.

Simply put, if you’re not committed enough to your escape, it won’t work and the ‘assault’ continues when the ‘attacker’ catches you up. The first factor that will be considered is whether or not you reasonably believed that force was being used against you (i. The class sizes are small - which is so helpful for young learners - it was easy for our son and daughter to pay attention and they were not waiting in line for stations. I wonder if those sorts of loads becoming popular in that sport is making people think that those same loads are good for defense. Remember, the prosecutor is going to try to pull every trick out of his ass to prove you guilty (whether you are or not. We have all found that the process of the americian judicial system, including trial procedure and jury makeup, presently violates the constitutional right to a.

A broader definition of projection includes certain operations that allow for empathy and understanding of others. The idea is to reflect any available light source, like street lights. “such a defender, not being entirely free from fault, must not resort to deadly force if there is any other reasonable method of saving himself. Our greatest pretenses are built up not to hide the evil and the ugly in us, but our emptiness. Will she still be a mother to her children.  not only does this protect your foot from heavy objects, it makes a formidable self defense tool capable of stopping the largest of attackers with a minimum of effort. They're tryin' to track me down. 45 acp and the magnum revolver being the image of defensive handguns are gone. 45 auto's throne has probably been the. …it has also helped me be less scared of things i don’t know about.

Reptiles have various ways to defend themselves. Back to children of jewish holocaust survivors. Little to a total stranger -- especially one from a. “the actor is under no duty to retreat if he or she is: (i) in his or her dwelling and not the initial aggressor. Thus, aikijutsu is a variety of combat grappling while aikido is a form of spiritual enlightenment through martial training. Praise kitty softly all the while, and offer a small treat afterward. We know to be wrong, but often we find ourselves lapsing into a deceptive. If you show them you mean business, they may just lose interest. This is the self-defense variable most students have. All of these themes are further explored to some extent or another in.

My 8 year old son has been a member of shudokan for the past year and he absolutely loves it and doesn't want to miss a class. The textured grip offers great security over the pen, the clip allows you to attach it to a book, backpack, or clothes, and (of course) it functions as a really great pen for writing and note-taking. It's good for one on one mutual combat but that's a different thing. Q where is that located. In the real world, though, prosecutors are elected, and for that reason public perceptions of what you use could affect what the prosecutor actually does.

Recommendations of the american polygraph association. Directed by the the wachowskis and starring keanu reeves, laurence fishburne, carrie-anne moss, hugo weaving, and joe pantoliano, the movie depicted a future in which human beings were encased in cocoons so that their life-force could be harnessed to power the sentient machines that ruled the earth. "we aren't suggesting there's something wrong with people when they want to feel good about themselves. When you come to a class at alliance pennsylvania you will gain a superior way to defend yourself, experience functional fitness, increase flexibility, and meet a great group of people from all walks of life looking to help you improve. Hours later, the unearthly encounter was front-page news in the houston chronicle. Defense mechanisms are not well understood: “endogenous unconscious processes are, obviously, much more difficult to deal with.

The best time to start learning self-defense techniques is right now. Murder is the intentional killing of a human being that is considered unlawful (i.   the part that translates best for our discussion is simply that it is easier to take the fight to the ground than it is to keep it standing once the players have become entangled. It was promoted as a self-defense spray that was aerosol based and used a small amount of tear gas (also called cn gas). When this is done, it becomes impossible for the claws to regrow.

But even with the short amount of time i’ve been learning -. The opinion can be downloaded here. This does account for some (please note, by no means all) the disconnect between him and general audiences. How peruta got tonfull en banc is also somewhat suspect, as the county sheriff declines to appeal. You’re definite to love this knife’s solid liner-lock mechanism. The great object is that every man be armed. The sword was meant for physical protection against evil men in a fallen world. ” a person may use deadly force in self defense under section 9. Have a look at the video and let us know in the comments what you think about the taurus judge.

As kavanaugh noted in his 2011 dissent, handguns are used to murder people much more often than "assault weapons" are. Charged with possession of a weapon. While many scholars and practitioners consider tàijíquán to be a type of. The criminal defense counsel at the firm formerly served as a police officer, allowing him to build defense strategies that factor in operational knowledge of the other side. This lure closely resembles a struggling worm or caterpillar.   this is where rifle caliber carbines and shotguns rule. More than an affirmative defense, this is a defense strategy relying on a "mistake of fact" to undermine the government's proof of criminal intent, the mens rea element of the crime. Since he will sleep more, make sure that his bed is comfortable and out of drafts. Checking involves striking with the side of the body, at the hip or shoulder, by shifting your balance and pushing with the furthest foot to drive the body into the opponent with force. Our muay thai and wing chun class provide students with the fundamentals of striking across multiple ranges.

We've talked over her trip & have come to the conclusion that walking to & from her car will pose the greatest risk. Is someone playing with your hair,.

Self Defence Classes Etobicoke

The armed citizen was not seriously injured. From a different perspective, the people and things that appear in dreams frequently are symbols representing something else. If you find yourself in possession of a single action revolver, it’s good to know a little bit about it. But that ban would be completely alien to our society, which for. 2 big reasons you need a lever-action rifle. 56 are good for hunting medium game.   i've found it for a very reasonable price at places like sportsmansguide and that's why i consider it a good choice.

Preferred carbine ammunition differs from handgun rounds in the same caliber normally selected for self protection. Most of what he had to say is (sadly) as relevant today as it was forty to fifty years ago. Below is a brief description of classes. Because we are reversing and remanding for a new trial on both convictions, we will simply analyze the jury instructions without concluding whether any individual instruction constituted clear error or was prejudicial or harmless. Once you get used to using the magazine release lever it feels really good. Can you go to jail if you kill someone in self defence. The facts set forth in this opinion. They should be treated that way.

I own several guns, and intend to protect my family if the need arises. I love jiu jitsu, but you probably won't find a school in the us that focuses on anything but sporting competitions (which can get you seriously hurt in a real crisis). Yeteducation was a large college and the martial arts club and classes were primarily located in the education building gym - so one would have anticipated more from that department. Lethal combination is something that cannot be addressed without specialized. I am completely sold on the corbon dpx.

The unlawful shooting, stabbing, cutting or otherwise wounding a person while committing or attempting to commit a felony can be charged as a separate class 6 felony under va. I was asked by marie to choreograph the opening number for the show. That’s why we offer our students a very flexible schedule that includes morning, late afternoon and evening classes for your convenience. I have prevailed every time. “… our group of 70 year 12 girls attended the street smart self defence seminar. That is why the sharp shooter.

Creates for himself another world in which he. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a very close-contact martial art and constantly works on takedown throws and repetitive ground submission techniques. Pepper spray packs a big punch in a small container that can be carried in a variety of ways including keychains, belt clips, or leather holsters. Stay safe without inflicting injury (unless it becomes necessary). If you don't want to carry around a knife, at least have something sharp to defend yourself with. We’re going to light up the options and talk about the guns that don’t always make it into the list of guns we feature in the gunsamerica digest. Man are not always the choice of god. All communication was timely, professional and directly from him.

When you are in the home what is your plan of defense and approach to safety. 4, 2016, but has pleaded not guilty to a second-degree murder, saying he fired in self-defence, believing styres was pointing a gun at him. Requires that the harmful side effect be minimized, so the traditional. If he reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent the.   it took me a while, but i plotted and planned and finally got it done.

Dexterity also has point and combat adds values. It was not originally taught as a sport, it was for self defense only. The question of whether the article is offensive per se or otherwise has important bearing on the burden of proof:-. The overall plan is unbelievably detailed and written a few years back throughout the course of an exercise at the u. Tenth stage - defences while on the ground. Jiu-jitsu has the potential to change a person’s life. Wear comfortable cloths, class is conducted barefoot. Held each april, which is recognized as sexual assault awareness month. Dude a gun is not dangerous the handler is if improperly handled. This type of ruling is heavily dependent on the circumstances and factual information surrounding the case.

(b) the prosecuting attorney is not required to negate the existence of a defense in the accusation charging commission of the offense. I am not saying that women should not hike, travel or adventure alone. For asking others to share their reasoning. By way of conclusion, the definition and limits of anticipatory action in self-defence. These techniques were so distinctive to carlos and his brothers that the sport became attached to a national identity, and is now commonly known as “brazilian jiu-jitsu,” practiced by martial artists all over the world, including japan. I was horrified when i heard that the parents had spoken out. Dry fire, dry fire, dry fire. Chief justice's concurrence contends that our reasoning is inconsistent because.

45, but usually i carry my ruger super redhawk alaskan. Bram was among the first advertisers at the earliest version of. Had indeed been the victim of an armed attack, japan would be free to use force against canada in reliance on collective self-defense (though the security council or the international court of justice could subsequently find that the use of force was unjustified, as happened to the u. I enjoyed the last 20 minutes of the class more than the first half. You should take self defense courses or take a boxing class.

I am a women's self-defense instructor.   the combination of the hips and flexibility is one of the best attributes someone can have in bjj and many women already possess these attributes, so it is easy for them to learn how to bjj.  a bad guy can cover that six feet far quicker than. The way we move effects how we fight and the way we move in a self-defence situation can be the make or break moment of victory or defeat. This is just my opinion and as we know they are like other things. This helps make healthy social relations and improved performance in class. H-r-g perhaps describes a willful killing in this usage, it is hardly criminal. Only be carried out if it follows a rule that morally should be followed. By proving their truth, or because the defendant had a right, upon the. That not having a principled opinion is the height of sophistication.

Was it a low number in the line or at the end of the line. Jim o’connell is a writer with the real time users of different leading schools are suitable for everyone should consider the important that you do not want to play your. In the peak/summer season, the visitor center is open from 8 a.   it is notable that “offensive weapons” can include items such as machetes or tomahawks though they are not specified. The socially useful type, values having control over their lives and strive to do good things for the sake of society. Lockheed martin says the sailors who tested the controller at its lab were intuitively able to figure out how to use it on their own within minutes, compared to hours of training required for the joystick.

Divas in defense aids in removing young women’s fear as they learn how to escape violent situations. We tend to just ponder into that concept where it will make up with it. There are no charges against you. To stand up in that state would have been impossible. This class is perfect for men, women, and teens, who are ready to learn the most effective form of self-defense known as krav maga. In the event the murder occurred on an extraterrestrial planet (e. - powerful stun gun: just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker. Note: i do not recommend a knife to most because, for the inexperienced, it is just as easy to hurt oneself than to hurt someone else. One of the more interesting things you learn about in law school is the. Situations like this are all to common during this time of year and many people succumb to those predators waiting for an opportune moment to strike so here are some tips to think about this year as you go shopping in the madness of the holiday season.

I will take my ak pistol over my ak or my ar any day of the week. (2) as a natural and probable consequence of the. Personal, inspiring and courageous, fight like a girl is an essential manifesto for feminists new, old and soon-to-be. You do not have to be an olympic athlete to complete a beginner krav maga class with us. The personal attention he gives to a criminal case is a huge factor in his success. I was expecting a good quality bb gun that resembled the gun rick grimes. The whole thing boils down to mindset. We have highly professional, skilled, trained and nra certified instructor for our concealed carry class. Hilton abu dhabi, muay thai capoeira sports club, cobra fitness abu dhabi, and the sheraton abu dhabi hotel & resort all offer kickboxing classes. If you need more accuracy, then a ruger single six is a good choice.

From the start you will be executing them against focus mitts, kick shields, and heavy bags. A lot of times people will over state their complaints to the police, they’ll exaggerate. Even stronger inferential support for the individual right interpretation is its endorsement by contemporary legal scholars. Abide that obscenity of a front sight, the. Plus travel expenses for up to 4 hour lecture. You shouldn't had been finding nests all over the place. "you made the class fun and enjoyable. Our blacksmithing classes at three creeks farm included introductory sessions for complete beginners who have never picked up a hammer. It is not real patriotism.  it doesn’t matter how tough he is; if his sciatic nerve takes enough damage and packs it in then no amount of willpower can keep him up on his feet.

  and taking one or two classes is not going to cut it. His ammo, on the other hand, works right well, and he doesn't care if he shoots up the place. Stuff a potato into your barrel, then fill your fuel chamber. All cases were ejected up. Effective self-defense training comes down to "comboing" up your self-defense moves into a "machine gun" mentality, where you hit your opponent with several different moves, using different tools on different lines of attack. For a thin item like a pen or pencil, or a knife handle with no guard (like a finnish puukko) you should put your thumb on the butt of the pen or handle to keep it from sliding in your grip during impact.

When you press the bang switch, you’re almost guaranteed to hear a bang. The browning buckmark is a boringly reliable shooter. The advanced class is designed for the student who would like to take their jiu-jitsu to newer heights. For civilians to own handguns, and difficult to own any other firearms. I can tell you without reservation that if you're carrying bear spray around with you in a city and you end up using it against another person, lots of people - jurors included - are going to question the bona fides of any 'self-defence' claim you may make.

Pursuing the largest possible amount of land and the fewest possible number of arabs has entailed forcibly taking palestinian land while separating palestinians from each other and preventing them from having a viable, independent society.